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Dr. Skip Hrin is a clinical neuropsychologist with nearly 25 years experience in the field of psychology. As a child, adolescent, and adult clinical psychologist for over 20 years, Dr. Hrin brings a wealth of practical clinical skills (e.g., rapport establishment, milieu management, implementation of effective treatment recommendations, diagnostic knowledge, and both extensive inpatient and outpatient treatment) to his neuropsychological practice. Along with thorough training in Narrative Therapy and its' externalizing approach to the effects of problems on individuals, as opposed to people being the problem (a significant distinction in approaching treatment with individuals), he has also been fortunate to have received extensive and comprehensive training in neuropsychology with Dr. Leonard Koziol in Chicago, IL. Dr. Koziol is a world-renowned neuropsychologist for his understanding of the importance of “bottom up” functioning regarding neuroanatomy, as opposed to cortical-centric neural functioning beliefs, which are held by many in the field. He has also been leading the way within neuropsychology regarding implicit/procedural learning and its' practical applications in assessing individuals functioning, and therefore, allowing for accurate inference of their strengths and deficits. Dr. Hrin has been privileged to co-author several papers with Dr. Koziol on these subjects. Dr. Hrin has lived in Alaska for 15 years and enjoys the rugged beauty of the state with his wife and their dog, Katie.

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